Why Partner with PCG&G


Design with confidence even if you don’t understand PCB fabrication and all of the 27 processes it can go through.  It is not unusual to have an Electrical Engineer just out of school or a Mechanical Engineer wearing many hats work on PCB design.  Their focus is product functionality, not manufacturing limitations.  That’s why PCG&G reviews every design.  First we look for the obvious - complete Gerber layers, drill files, design violations and manufacturability.   But, unlike many of the other online fabricators, we do not just fabricate data from what we are supplied, we also take the extra time to look for higher yield opportunities.   By optimizing the manufacturing process, we become more efficient and you get a lower unit price, helping your company’s overall bottom line and getting you noticed for that next promotion.


Help your company be a leader in their industry by getting new products to market first.  PCG&G is the fastest printed circuit board supplier in town, and the ONLY one that has “all-inclusive” instant online pricing.  Your total includes tooling, test and shipping, plus duties and importing fees if they apply.    Our 3 day turns are manufactured in North Texas.  5-7 day and standard turns are manufactured in China.  Both factories run multiple shifts to get your boards processed quickly.  Your quoted price is to your door and is conveniently found on online, keeping you on budget and saving you time so you can reach or exceed your product development goals.  


Help your company’s bottom line by accurately pricing material and services. Our “all-inclusive” pricing combines shipping, customs, duties and importing fees into your quoted unit price.  You can accurately project costs and your company can confidently calculate profits, making you a trusted and reliable resource.


Work efficiently and eliminate wasted time on trouble shooting bad boards or the impact of rejected material.  Our PCBs are guaranteed to be fabricated to your specifications, meet IPC Class II or III workmanship standards, and are 100% electrically tested, or they are free.  That’s our commitment to you.  With known good boards you can concentrate on the more important things, such as more features and future developments, to keep you and your company on schedule and ahead of your competition.


You can be certain you are getting a competitive price. At PCG&G, we live PCB fabrication and know the costs associated with it.  In China a bare board cost is 50% material and 50% labor.  We know the price per square inch on materials and understand the cost factors in all of the possible 27 or more processes (depending on your layer count) in PCB fabrication.  We also know the cost of labor involved in each department, so we can successfully calculate and negotiate the total cost of your fabrication.  Our knowledge gets you aggressive pricing on PCB’s without requiring you to become an expert.  You can spend your time in more important areas, pursuing proactive projects that gets your bosses’ attention.    Accomplish your company’s biggest priorities and create personal job security at the same time.  


Be confident in your procurement and order at no risk. Our PCB’s are guaranteed to be fabricated to your specifications and meet IPC Class II or III workmanship standards, or they are free.  That’s our commitment to you.  All our fabrication factories are “PCG&G” audited and approved, with a strong emphasis on documented control systems and procedures.  We also require every approved factory to comply with our 8-Value Add System for higher quality.  Lower your risk when dealing with China and reduce the likelihood of rejected material - and its potential impact - by contracting with a company that has a proven method and stands behind their products.  With PCG&G, you can sleep at night, feel refreshed and continue making the right decisions for your company.


Make your most complex designs dependable.  Have boards manufactured at the highest reliability levels possible, even with sophisticated features such as backdrilled vias, etched resistors, plated shut vias, via-in-pad, high copper, blind and buried vias, mixed dielectrics and other enabling technologies.  Our domestic shop is 60% loaded with special requirements.  They already stock a variety of dielectrics on the shelf, have a staff in specialized research, and build with some of the most sophisticated equipment available.  The most demanding designs usually hold the most opportunity and also the most risk.  We can assist you from the start and guide you through the specifications so you can succeed in creating a dependable circuit board with high reliability.  Be the engineer that rises to the challenge and earns the respect of others.

Our Domestic Fabrication Equipment Highlights:

  • Orbotech Genesis 2000 CAM stations
  • Six drill machines, up to 300K/RPM spindles for mechanical drilling uVias (0.004" diameter)
  • CCD drilling and routing capability for higher precision as well as back drill depth control
  • Pneumatic via fill to improve speed, quality, and consistency of via fill process
  • Automated planarization equipment to enable tighter control of copper removal during the process
  • Glenbrook X-Ray machine for optimizing drill registration and examining cross sections
  • CMI 165 for fast, accurate, inline measurement of copper thickness
  • DP 1500 screen printer for improved screening consistency and cosmetics
  • Reverse Pulse Plating for high aspect ratio and uniform plating consistency on surfaces and holes
  • New flying probe tester for additional capacity and redundancy
  • Dynachem Cut Sheet Laminator
  • Fabcon Microprint DI – laser direct imaging system
  • Fabcon ATI-30 four camera optical registration imaging system
  • Multiline Post Etch Punch
  • Advanced Orbotech Discovery Series automated optical inspection (AOI) equipment
  • Tool less Inkjet Silkscreen Printing
  • X Ray fluorescence (XRF) metallurgical analysis
  • High resolution microscopic cross section image capture 


We do not believe that a customer and their specifications should conform to us, but rather we should conform to them.  Every prototype order has its own dedicated panel to provide the ultimate flexibility in meeting design goals, instead of simply testing for electrical functionality.  Individualized specifications may include:

  • ENEPIG finish to endure high reliability testing in temperature and vibration chambers
  • Different thicknesses due to space limitations 
  • Varying colors of solder mask to distinguish revisions in the development  cycle
  • Specialized routing, panelization, rails, fiducials or mouse bites for compatibility with  different CEMs’ automated processes 

These types of specifications are common but cannot be shared on a panel with other customers’ prototypes for a lower unit price.   PCG&G’s dedicated panel approach enables our customers to accomplish more of their product development objectives in a shorter period of time, ultimately saving them money and accelerating their time to market.

We’re not just the fastest printed circuit board supplier in town, but we’re the ONLY one that has “all inclusive” pricing