Founded in 2007, PCG&G began by specializing in PCB prototype fabrication for designers with the philosophy of sharing our manufacturing knowledge to make PCB specification easier, more efficient and economical.  It was the knowledge we shared with designers that launched and grew this company.  Our simplified responses and accessibility to important questions regarding process limitations, cost drivers, stack ups, via-in-pad, surface finishes and many others became our fame to name.  

In our second year we opened our Asian office, which houses local engineering and quality assurance teams, to manage production orders.  All US prototypes can be competitively and consistently reproduced in Asia, without our customers worrying about holding China accountable - because that’s our job!  Our off-shore production fabrication has grown to now make up 70% of our business. 

PCG&G services 200 customers and approximately 2000 unique part numbers.  We continue answering engineering questions, through LinkedIn Groups and email.  If we do not have the answer immediately, we have access our factory’s technical staff.  You have questions -  We have answers.


We’re not just the fastest printed circuit board supplier in town, but we’re the ONLY one that has “all inclusive” pricing