We’re not just the fastest printed circuit board supplier in town, but we’re the ONLY one that has “all inclusive” pricing

We do not believe that a customer and their specifications should conform to us, but rather we should conform to them. Every prototype order has its own dedicated panel to provide the ultimate flexibility in meeting design goals, instead of simply testing for electrical functionality. Individualized specifications may include:

  • ENEPIG finish to endure high reliability testing in temperature and vibration chambers
  • Different thicknesses due to space limitations
  • Varying colors of solder mask to distinguish revisions in the development cycle
  • Specialized routing, panelization, rails, fiducials or mouse bites for compatibility with different CEMs’ automated processes

These types of specifications are common but cannot be shared on a panel with other customers’ prototypes for a lower unit price. PCG&G’s dedicated panel approach enables our customers to accomplish more of their product development objectives in a shorter period of time, ultimately saving them money and accelerating their time to market.

Accomplish More Goals