We’re not just the fastest printed circuit board supplier in town, but we’re the ONLY one that has “all inclusive” pricing

Be confident in your procurement and order at no risk. Our PCB’s are guaranteed to be fabricated to your specifications and meet IPC Class II or III workmanship standards, or they are free. That’s our commitment to you. All our fabrication factories are “PCG&G” audited and approved, with a strong emphasis on documented control systems and procedures. We also require every approved factory to comply with our 8-Value Add System for higher quality. Lower your risk when dealing with China and reduce the likelihood of rejected material - and its potential impact - by contracting with a company that has a proven method and stands behind their products. With PCG&G, you can sleep at night, feel refreshed and continue making the right decisions for your company.


1. Engineering CAM – a copy of all working data is sent to PCG&G.
2. Material Selection – All laminates are accepted industry-wide. No unknown brands or substitute materials are allowed.
3. Automatic Optical Inspection – All inner layers are 100% inspected for opens and shorts. All finished boards are 100% inspected as well.
4. Drill – At the end of each drill cycle, each bit that is used drills a hole in the working panel rail. The rail is inspected at the end of drill for missing holes to ensure that no bits are broken and no holes were compromised during the process.
5. Test – All boards are 100% electrically tested, no matter the simplicity or complexity.
6. Final QC – All boards are visually inspected for defects and verified against specifications.
7. Shipping – all orders are consolidated weekly to split the cost of freight
8. Retains – a few articles are required to be kept in stock for quick analysis.

8D report and CAR required within 42 hours of complaint.

Lower Risk Management