We’re not just the fastest printed circuit board supplier in town, but we’re the ONLY one that has “all inclusive” pricing

Design with Confidence

Make your most complex designs dependable. Have boards manufactured at the highest reliability levels possible, even with sophisticated features such as backdrilled vias, etched resistors, plated shut vias, via-in-pad, high copper, blind and buried vias, mixed dielectrics and other enabling technologies. Our domestic shop is 60% loaded with special requirements. They already stock a variety of dielectrics on the shelf, have a staff in specialized research, and build with some of the most sophisticated equipment available. The most demanding designs usually hold the most opportunity and also the most risk. We can assist you from the start and guide you through the specifications so you can succeed in creating a dependable circuit board with high reliability. Be the engineer that rises to the challenge and earns the respect of others.
Our Domestic Fabrication Equipment Highlights:

  • Orbotech Genesis 2000 CAM stations
  • Six drill machines, up to 300K/RPM spindles for mechanical drilling uVias (0.004" diameter)
  • CCD drilling and routing capability for higher precision as well as back drill depth control
  • Pneumatic via fill to improve speed, quality, and consistency of via fill process
  • Automated planarization equipment to enable tighter control of copper removal during the process
  • Glenbrook X-Ray machine for optimizing drill registration and examining cross sections
  • CMI 165 for fast, accurate, inline measurement of copper thickness
  • DP 1500 screen printer for improved screening consistency and cosmetics
  • Reverse Pulse Plating for high aspect ratio and uniform plating consistency on surfaces and holes
  • New flying probe tester for additional capacity and redundancy
  • Dynachem Cut Sheet Laminator
  • Fabcon Microprint DI – laser direct imaging system
  • Fabcon ATI-30 four camera optical registration imaging system
  • Multiline Post Etch Punch
  • Advanced Orbotech Discovery Series automated optical inspection (AOI) equipment
  • Tool less Inkjet Silkscreen Printing
  • X Ray fluorescence (XRF) metallurgical analysis
  • High resolution microscopic cross section image capture