We’re not just the fastest printed circuit board supplier in town, but we’re the ONLY one that has “all inclusive” pricing

Design with confidence even if you don’t understand PCB fabrication and all of the 27 processes it can go through. It is not unusual to have an Electrical Engineer just out of school or a Mechanical Engineer wearing many hats work on PCB design. Their focus is product functionality, not manufacturing limitations. That’s why PCG&G reviews every design. First we look for the obvious - complete Gerber layers, drill files, design violations and manufacturability. But, unlike many of the other online fabricators, we do not just fabricate data from what we are supplied, we also take the extra time to look for higher yield opportunities. By optimizing the manufacturing process, we become more efficient and you get a lower unit price, helping your company’s overall bottom line and getting you noticed for that next promotion.

PCG&G DFM Advantage