Founder & CEO, Marissa Oskarsen 

Marissa got her start in electronics at an early age working for her dad and older brother doing business development for both PCB fabrication and contract assembly.  Together with her family, they grew their CMS business over 40 fold before selling it, and continue to own and operate their own PCB facility in North Texas since 1971.  Growing up with the family business, Marissa got experience in all departments including supply chain management, design for PCB manufacturability and assembly, and in process control - including all 20+ processes in bare board fabrication.  She is now the Owner and President of PCG&G, which continues to operate with her family’s PCB fabrication for quick turns and expands her offerings by providing high quality fabrication production out of China.

Marissa graduated from the University of North Texas with a BBA in International Business and Marketing, and she uses her degree every day.  Some of her personal responsibilities that assure her customers receive the best possible value include:

  • Continually monitoring exchange rates to control and negotiate material, labor, and service costs
  • Mapping out logistical paths with carriers and freight forwarders abroad to achieve the most economical transit by air, freight and/or boat
  • Understanding the customs cargo control process and acquiring a company barcode for hassle-free, timely clearance
  • Maintaining the import bond for incoming demand

Marissa’s combination of technical knowledge and business skill gives PCG&G and its customers a competitive edge in the electronics industry.

Our Leadership

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